A letter to the editor brain drain

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A letter to the editor brain drain

Is there hope of reversing the brain drain? As some Guyanese continue to seek greener pastures abroad, it seems the decades-long brain drain shows no signs of stopping. The brain drain continues in Guyana despite the new oil and gas industry and a new government.

Every day, countless well-qualified and talented Guyanese continue to go abroad for higher studies or to seek better living standards. Many are driven away by the high unemployment and crime rate in the country, but issues like social and economic pressures that come up as a consequence of not being able to earn a fair and reasonable wage, also play a significant role in exacerbating the brain drain.

Every year, there are fewer people in Guyana to deliver key public services, drive economic growth, and articulate calls for greater democracy and development.

A letter to the editor brain drain

Let me share with you the story of one young woman who left Guyana. Less than a year ago, she moved to a rural area in America. Four days after arriving in the country, I met her and began mentoring her. I explained to her what it will take to be successful in America.

I encouraged her to join the military immediately, and she agreed. She is academically gifted and intelligent. She took the military entrance exam and obtained a perfect score, which enabled her to choose any career in the military.

However, she ran into a few setbacks.

U.S. Immigration

However, the Navy immediately accepted her and offered her a huge signing bonus. Even though she is academically qualified for any career field in the Navy, she had to settle for a job that is below her academic qualifications because she is not a citizen.

All the best jobs in the Navy require American citizenship. No wonder people are going to America and other countries. I would argue that if the U. Embassy in Guyana offers every Guyanese permanent residency in the USA, about percent of the people will accept it.

Editor, is there still hope for Guyana in reversing the brain drain? I am an optimist, and I believe that there is still hope. To reverse the brain drain, the government has to stop treating the citizenry like a stepchild.

The government must put the people first.Letter to the Editor: “Brain Drain” and Loss of resources Jeopardize the continued use of Domestic animals for agricultural and biomedical research Author L.

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Get the latest news and video from Melissa Harris-Perry, and join Melissa Harris-Perry's community. Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to voice my concern about the brain drain problem. Undoubtedly, the problem can be attributed to the craze among the talented youth to go abroad for better prospects.

Our people at the helm of affairs in the government are to be blamed to a greater extent for the sorry state of affairs/5(9). According to recent National Science Board data, there was a percent drop in Indian students coming to the U.S. specifically for computer science and engineering graduate programs.

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A letter to the editor brain drain

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