An analysis of relationship between audiences and media output

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An analysis of relationship between audiences and media output

Theories have been around to how producers find their audiences one is the hypodermic needle Its important for producers to identity who their audience is because then the producer can make a film or music video to a particular group of people.

The producer will pitch his or hers idea and then after that process they will look at surveys that will show what actors are popular for their audiences and how many actors they will need also to see what genres their audience prefers.

This information from which the producer has gathered will go to the writers and directors and they will see if the survey has the correct information.

Producers look at recent films that are related with his or her film and then pick out the favourite actors, for example you have many films these days that are relatively the same such as lord of the rings films they are brilliant audiences love them because of the settings and how the film has been simply made and now they have brought out a new film HOBBIT and their is still a craze for this type of film.

Producers and audience this is very important because without how will any film be known and how will it be sold in shops without a certain audience. What the producer does to find their audience: Different hobbies a person might do. How they find this information out: People today will here this jingle and say thats McDonalds now they sponsor loads of events such as they sponsored the olympics.

McDonalds targets children for example using McDonalds character like Ronald McDonald and other McDonalds characters also them having the happy meal that has the toy in side sometimes familes go just to get the toy for their child and its very effective because they are still buying the product.

Subway is very well advertised such as they use personal trainers to say this is what i eat and men and women will look and say its healthier just because you have a muscly man or a beautiful attractive women.

An analysis of relationship between audiences and media output

This stays in the minds its a bit like the perfect model approach the perfect man or women and from that subway consumers will look and say this is delicious and i would want to be like that man or that women they are trying to fix the perfect image into the minds of the public.

KFC go for a completely different approach, they use family members in their adverts because they like to show that its home cooking, chicken lovely chips products like the boneless banquet they look at many variety of people such as the man and his mates at work quick and tasty food.

I like the fact that KFC sway to family because theirs more money in it and if they show a Family having a meal all together having a great time and other families look and think we can share a lovely meal with my family and i think that KFC does bring family together and i think its a great way to get profit and its working for them.

Cinemas are genres Romance would be for women simply because it would be a love story. Action would be men because of the thrill of a chase and fighting.


Horrors such as paranormal activity is directed to men but some women do go a see it simply because they like the film or their husband or partner has brought them along.

These are only a a couple of genres but it does have a stereotypical view sometime because some women do love action or horrors if anything the cinemas and producers of the film focus on scary their audience or making them say wow.Media content analysis is a specialized sub-set of content analysis, a well-established analysis was provided by Berelson () who described it as a “research technique for the content says about a society and the potential effects mass media representations may have on audiences.

Assignment Brief: | Differentiate between Audience Analysis and Media Research with clear examples relating to the United Against Malaria campaign | | Guide to Students | | 1.

An analysis of relationship between audiences and media output

And while changes in these relations between people and media may occur (or be conceived) primarily at one level of analysis. resistance. but rather. identify central tendencies. and providing links across.

relationship or communication (dialogic or monologic. A-Level Sociology Revision, looking at the Effects of Media on Audiences & Society. This section covers the evidence relating to the relationship between screen violence and violence in real life, active audience approaches and the process of moral panics.

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