Antenna research papers

Even partial interception of data could have devastating consequences for individuals and societies, thus necessitating secure and private communication on an unprecedented scale.

Antenna research papers

The resonance frequency of single layer patch is found to be 1. It is usually used with a radio transmitter or radio receiver. In transmission, a radio transmitter applies an oscillating radio frequency electric current to the antenna s terminals, and the antenna radiates the energy from the current as electromagnetic waves radio waves.

Antenna research papers

In reception, an antenna intercepts some of the power of an electromagnetic wave in order to produce a tiny voltage at its terminals, that is applied to a receiver to be amplified. An antenna can be used for both transmitting and receiving.

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Antennas are thus essential components of all equipment that uses radio. They are used in systems such as radio broadcasting, broadcast television, two-way radio, communications receivers, radar, cell phones, and satellite communications, as well as other devices such as garage door openers, wireless microphones, bluetooth enabled devices, wireless computer networks, baby monitors, and RFID tags on merchandise.

Antenna research papers

Typically an antenna consists of an arrangement of metallic conductors electrically connected often through a transmission line to the receiver or transmitter. An oscillating current of electrons forced through the antenna by a transmitter will create an oscillating magnetic field around the antenna elements, while the charge of the electrons also creates an oscillating electric field along the elements.

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These time-varying fields radiate away from the antenna into space as a moving electromagnetic field wave. Conversely, during reception, the oscillating electric and magnetic fields of an incoming radio wave exert force on the electrons in the antenna elements, causing them to move, creating oscillating currents in the antenna.

Antennas may also contain reflective or directive elements or surfaces not connected to the transmitter or receiver, such as parasitic elements, parabolic reflectors or horns, which serve to direct the radio waves into a beam or other desired radiation pattern.

Antennas can be designed to transmit or receive radio waves in all directions equally omnidirectional antennasor transmit them in a beam in a particular direction, and receive from that one direction only directional or high gain antennas.Research Paper Open Access Enhancing the Bandwidth of a Microstrip Patch Antenna using Slots Shaped Patch Atser A.

Roy, Joseph M. Môm, Gabriel A.

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Igwue Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria. Wireless Communications, Antenna, Dual-Band Slot Antenna A New Dual Band E-shaped Slot Antenna Design for Wireless Applications An E-shaped printed slot antenna is presented as a candidate to cover dualband operation over the entire wireless local area network (WLAN) frequency bands of { GHz and { GHz.

ABSTRACT In this paper we study how the antenna radiation pattern is perturbed in the presence of a human phantom in terms of changes in the coefficients of the spherical harmonic antenna representation. In this paper, researches on implantable antennas for wireless biomedical devices are reviewed and summarized.

The paper is organized as follows.

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Antenna research papers
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