Best times worst times

You can help by adding to it. July Many of Dickens's characters are "flat", not "round", in the novelist E.

Best times worst times

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This passage suggests an age of radical opposites taking place across the English Channel, in France and the United Kingdom respectively. It tells a story of contrasts and comparisons between London and Paris during the French revolution.

Meaning This phrase points out a major conflict between family and lovehatred and oppression, good and evil, light and darkness, and wisdom and folly.

Best times worst times

Dickens begins this tale with a vision that human prosperity cannot be matched with human despair. He, in fact, tells about a class war between the rich and the poor.

He also tells of a time of despair and suffering on one hand, and joy and hope on the other. However, its best context is only in literary writings where one country or situation is compared with another, in order to predict some revolution or sudden transformation.

That is why in the context of the transformation in times, wealth, inequality, and accumulation of wealth have become modern themes which the author dilates upon in the opening of his novel.

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A political leader might use it in a speech, or a retiring school teacher might use it to remind his students the golden old times. It in fact tells us about the time of extreme opposites without any in-betweens.

Literary Analysis This line describes a time of controversies and contradictions. Dickens refers to two cities, Paris and London, during the tumultuous environment of the French Revolution. This phrase has a great literary value in comparison and contrast of two situations and environments.

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Repetition of the phrase appearing at the start of consecutive clauses creates steady rhythm. Author replicated paradox, conflicting ideas in this phrase Related posts:All Pink Floyd Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best So, you think you can tell Meddle from The Division Bell?

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Best times worst times

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Quote by Charles Dickens: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of t”