Book rview on the english patient

In this poetic novel by poet Michael Ondaatje, the author explores the past and present the closing days of World War II lives of young Canadian nurse Hana, her English patient, her family friend and accomplished thief David Caravaggio, and Indian sapper Kirpal Singh nicknamed Kip.

Book rview on the english patient


The question arrests us on the first page of The English Patient: Every four days she washes his black body, beginning at the destroyed feet She has nursed him for months and she knows the body well, the penis sleeping like a sea horse, the thin tight hips.

Hipbones of Christ, she thinks. He is her despairing saint. He lies flat on his back, no pillow, looking up at the foliage painted onto the ceiling, its canopy of branches, and above that, blue sky.

Though it is possible to think of a penis as asleep and as having in sleep the shape of a sea horse, a penis is not well said to sleep like a sea horse, for sea horses are beady-eyed little creatures, characteristically alert and erect.

Book rview on the english patient

A man sets off across the desert on foot, seventy miles to the next oasis: For figurative language to succeed it must work at the level of ordinary meaning as well as at the level of allusion.

I would dive from her shoulder into the Bosphorus. There is a cloudy quality to the sea horse and placenta images, but we can still see where we are going. At other moments in The English Patient a fog descends: He plucked a thread from the horde of nights and put it into his mouth like food.

In its poetic vein his writing tends to self-parody, to be portentous, and to create an air of solemnity which tempts irreverence. But it may be that Ondaatje has spent too long considering what he has written, listened to himself so often that he has occasionally lost a sense of what he is sounding like.

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The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Books. You are not logged in If you have already registered please login here If you are using the site for the first time please register here If you would like access to the entire online archive subscribe here Institutions or university library users please login here.MICHAEL ONDAATJE has invented a way of writing a novel that approximates the mind's habit of coming back again and again to the same moments of ecstasy, shame, peril or slipped meanings.

Robbe. I found The English Patient to be a fantastic book, but one which is a bit emotionally taxing, particularly the utterly heart-rending ending, which I won't give away, but which tears the community of World War II .

The war-damaged villa, its grounds strewn with mines, has gone from to German stronghold to Allied hospital, its sole occupants now a young Canadian nurse, Hana, and her last patient, a born victim. They are joined by David Caravaggio, an Italian-Canadian friend of Hana's father but also a thief used by Western intelligence, and Kip (Kirpal Singh), an Indian sapper in the British Army.


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Nov 22,  · Backward into memory, forward into loss and desire, “The English Patient” searches for answers that will answer nothing.

Book rview on the english patient

This poetic, evocative film version of the famous novel by Michael Ondaatje circles down through layers of mystery until all of the puzzles in the story have been solved, and only the great wound of a doomed love 4/4. The U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona in The U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona in (Will Seberger / MCT) Francisco Cantú’s “The Line Becomes a .

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