Chapter 5 assessment world history

Relational Personal Objects When visitors see an object in a case that they have a personal connection to, they have an immediate story to tell. The same is true for objects that people own, produce, or contribute themselves.

Chapter 5 assessment world history

Basin - a bowl-like area for storing water. They also drained swampy marshes. They built a canal connecting the Nile with business centers near the Red Sea.

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The pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom did not have complete power as the Old Kingdom pharaohs did. The Middle Kingdom people thought they would all live forever. In the Old Kingdom, only the pharaoh was thought to live forever.

The Old Kingdom Egyptians buried their pharaohs in pyramids; the New Kingdom Egyptians buried them in tombs cut in cliffs.

Chapter 5 assessment world history

The Hyksos were might soldiers with horse-drawn chariots, bronze and iron weapons, and armor. The Egyptians were unskilled at war. The Egyptians adopted the horse-drawn chariots, weapons, and armor of the Hyksos.

Did you learn these Objectives? Can you identify the differences between the Old and Middle kingdoms? Lesson 4 "The New Kingdom" Scan Pages ; focus on the gray boxes, which contain the key vocabulary terms. Scan Pages for pictures and diagrams, read each of the captions.

Scan for and read the short article about Hatshepsut in the tan box on Scan for and read the short paragraph about the Solar Calendar on the bottom of page on On page Read the questions so you know what to look for while you are reading. Read Pages take notes of important ideas Do you know the answers to the questions on page ?

See Key Points below for help Do you know the vocabulary words? Review answers on the quiz and print it out.

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Chapter The wind of change. Background.

Chapter 4: Social Objects

Political background. Winston Churchill's return to power following the election on 25 October (with a Commons majority of 17) marked the start of thirteen consecutive years of Conservative rule.

Perhaps the most famous instance of this was the leveling of Boston's West End, an immigrant and first-generation neighborhood profiled in The Urban Villagers, a well-known sociological study by Herbert Gans (ironically, first published in , two years after the neighborhood had disappeared).

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