Comparative analysis of 3 hotels

The hotel company contributing the most to this figure was the British hotel chain InterContinental Hotels Group which, inmade 24 billion U. Other major players in this industry include Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International with 4, and 4, hotels, respectively, across the world.

Comparative analysis of 3 hotels

Comparative Analysis of the tourism sector of the Gulf countries and Nordic countries Fig 1: The Armenian Observer Blog In the world of tourism, geographical clusters play a very important role.

Comparative analysis of 3 hotels

Attractiveness of individual states does not only depend on them, but a large part of it also depends on the attractiveness of the whole region as a tourist destination.

This concept is more applicable in small states. Bigger state like India and China or heavily popular and strongly marketed states like Dubai or Singapore are quite independent of their regions but for other places regional clusters do play a very significant role.

It has following impacts: If a region has quite a good number of tourist destinations, then it helps in promoting the whole region as a tourist destination, eventually helping in promoting, often overlooked locations. Hence availability of a good number of tourist destinations in single region helps in developing better tour packages.

Tourism is a highly capital intensive industry and it requires huge investment in infrastructure as well as marketing. Regional economic cooperation among the nations in a region enables in developing better infrastructure- in the form of hotels, resorts, roads, airports etc. The following blog article will do a comparative analysis of two geographical cluster- Gulf countries and Nordic countries.

Both the clusters consist of economically well off nations with small population and surface area.

Hence they provide a good case to do comparison. The documents used for this are — The Global Competitiveness report and World Economic Forum travel and tourism competitiveness. Some of the terms have been directly used from WEF report. Their meanings have been explained in the end.

Showing population of the six Gulf States.

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WEF, travel and tourism competency report WEF travel and tourism competency report WEF, travel and tourism report, Showing environment performance index of the six Gulf States.

WEF, travel and tourism competency report, The Gulf States are comparatively small states with Saudi Arabia being the biggest and most populous while Bahrain being the smallest and least populous.

Saudi Arabia on account of being the biggest state is also the biggest economy, followed by UAE. Qatar, one of the fastest economies of the world enjoys the highest per capita GDP among the Gulf States.

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The average environmental performance index iswith UAE showing the highest value of and Saudi Arabia showing the lowest value of UNLV Theses, Dissertations, Professional Papers, and Capstones The Financial performance of two Singapore boutique hotels: A comparative analysis.

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Comparative Analysis. Enviado por Jordan Kurt S. Gu. Ratio Analysis for the Hospitality Industry: A cross Sector Comparison of Financial Trends in the Lodging, industry segments may comprise hotels, restaurants, airlines, and other amusement and Damitio, Dennington & Schmidgall () talked about comparative statement analysis, common-size analysis of the income statement, and ratio.

A review of studies on luxury hotels over the past two decades Yin Chu Iowa State University Follow this and additional works first comprehensive content analysis on luxury hotels conducted to date.

The findings of. Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) for Water Studies Training, Wageningen, 30 May 2 with both qualitative and quantitative data about the cases in the study.

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