Contoh business plan ukm

Every business needs to have a written business plan. But, how do you write a business plan? Company description — describes what you do. Market analysis — research on your industry, market, and competitors.

Contoh business plan ukm

Furniture Description Quantity Cost per unit RM Total 1 Managers tables 4 2 Staff tables 2 3 Cash machine 1 4 Sofa set 1 5 Facsimile 1 6 Telephone 5 7 Air conditioner 3 8 Computer 4 9 Printer 2 10 Shelves 10 11 Manager chair 4 12 Staff chair 2 90 13 Cabinet 5 14 Fire extinguisher 1 95 95 Total 45 6, 16, List of office equipment expenses Num.

Files 20 3 60 2. Stationery 5 1 5 3. To expain this defination, we will examine the following important terms like needs, want and demands, product and service, value, satisfaction and quality, exchange, transactionrelationships and markets.

Exchange processes involve work. Our boutique must search for buyers, identify their needs, sell good product and services, set price for customers, promote them, store and deliver them. Activities such as product development, research, communication, distribution, pricing and service are core marketing activities.

Our boutique holds that achieving organizational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the dsired satisfactions more affectively and efficiently than competitors do.

The business that we involved has contoh business plan ukm to go more successfully. Marketing is the important process and at the same time it also can help our product to reach the objective of the conpany to get maximum profit.

A detailed version of the new product idea stated in meaningful consumers terms. We choose these products to be sold at our boutique in Kota Bharu because there are many populations in Kota Bharu and the income and expenses of the people are high.

Most of them will spend more money for the products. The products offered by our boutique are also suitable and available for various age and level of people especially teenagers and adults.

TARGET MARKET The target market is very essential to ensure our products can be introduced to the customers and entered the market to avoid from any losses and for that reason we have decided to manage the market with 3 segmentation which include: It is easy to get transportation such as taxi; bus and other public transportations to get to our boutique because the building where our shop is in is situated near the main road to Kota Bharu.

Other facilities that can be attained easily at that area are telecommunication line, water, electricity and others. The products offered are available to adults as well as teenagers.

From our servey and research Kota Bharu is a very good place to market our product. It is because Kota Bharu is a city center of Kelantan. Many people from other city came to Kelantan. It also can be a focus center place for many tourists from oversea.

So the tourist can came to Kota Bharu and visit our boutique. When our boutique sell many types of product it can attract tourist to buy the product. It maybe have many boutique establish at Kota Bharu but our boutique sell more clothes, shoes, bags and scarves with more quality.

Our boutique always concern for customers to sell a latest fashion for all product.

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Before we manage to run our business on the area that we have chosen, we have defined our competitors. Wallet BUM 35 3, b.

Purse BUM 32 6, c. Men POLO 79 15, b. Women POLO 59 14, 3. Baju kurung SILK 13, b. Baju kebaya SILK 15, c.

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Blouse 25 5, d. Skirt 30 4, e. In order to calculate its sales forecast, the entrepreneur must develop appropriate marketing strategies to generate scales from the target market.

Good marketing strategies will reduce the marketing problems. This will encourage the products to be known by the customers and in the same time towards the profit of the business.

To make sure the marketing for our products exist, our shop had planned a few of strategies including short-term strategies: Product strategy - Offer latest design of clothes, shoes, bags and scarves.Nov 07,  · To write a business report, start with an introduction that presents a clear idea, problem, or objective.

Next, present the facts, focusing on one main idea per paragraph, and discuss benefits and possible risks associated with your K.

contoh business plan ukm

Jadi, Business Plan digunakan oleh pengelola usaha bisnis tersebut untuk menjalankan usahanya. Untuk lebih memperjelas apa itu Business Plan, mari kita simak contoh Business Plan sederhana berikut ini. Mortgage advisor business required need homework help a quantitative study is obligatory that time, sap, danjal's friend juara maharaja lawak mega mlm contoh essay format.

Exceed, dll.

contoh business plan ukm

Exceed, dll. Review jurnal ekonomi koperasi 3. NAMA ANGGOTA KELOMPOK: leslutinsduphoenix.comD SOFIAN SEPTA () KURNIAWAN () manajer, sedangkan UKM contoh hanya 62,5%. Koperasi yang memiliki ← Review Jurnal Ekonomi Koperasi 2. Business Proposal Author: Your name Manager: Your instructor’s name Company: USC 4.

In the Properties window, click the OK button. 5. Before you do anything else, save your document. You should still have the File tab selected. Click the Save option, which is right next to the Save icon.

6. Seharusnya, UKM Global bisa lebih memberikan perbedaan dari telor asin produksi perusahaan lain agar produk telor asin tidak melulu dan stagnan seperti sekarang.

Contoh inovasi yang dapat dilakukan adalah dengan membuat telor asin rasa, misalnya rasa balado, rasa ayam, rasa pedas dan lain-lain.

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