Correctional facilities and gangs essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Everywhere we look there is some type of gang problem.

Correctional facilities and gangs essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Correctional Facilities and Gangs Essay Sample Thesis Statement This paper intends to mention statistical information with regards to correctional facilities and gangs.

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It also intends to show how important it is to tackle this topic. Aside from that basic facts will be emphasized, including its history and its present Correctional facilities and gangs essay.

Last but not least, some of the gangs will also be named and briefly described. Statistical Information Statistical information holds that between andcorrectional facilities for adults increased by fourteen percent Bureau. Furthermore, between andcorrectional facilities that were under the management of State or Federal level grew by one hundred forty percent Bureau.

Inmates also increased by approximately four hundred fifty nine percent or 76, more in just five years Bureau.


Moreover, as a result of increase in facilities, as well as, inmates, this opened employment as well Bureau. In fact, in the yeara little over four hundred thirty thousand individuals were employed and more than half of the aforementioned are accountable for the security Bureau.

Also, inthere were approximately 1. Plus, inthere wereindividuals who are waiting for their trials or serving sentence Bureau. Gangs As for the gangs, there are no definite statistics but the most common are the following: Importance of the Topic Meanwhile, speaking about or reintroducing this particular topic which is on correctional facilities and gangs is extremely important basically because it entails deviance which is technically defined as any behavior that defy cultural norms Wikipedia, I must say that such an issue is essential because of the advantages that it brings through the three major sociological theories: Explaining further, the structural-functionalist school of sociology is involved with macro-level clarification and enlightenment Encarta, Therefore, it is focused predominantly in how norms and institutions fit in the study of deviance Encarta, Also, functionalism considers or looks at deviance as something needed and required by society Wikipedia, Deviance tests restrictions, limitations or boundaries, especially that which pertains to the moral aspect Wikipedia, Simply put, it clarifies moral boundaries Wikipedia, In addition, since it views deviant behaviors as a need and requirement of the society, it is advantageous for them as well, since it also verifies and reaffirms social norms Wikipedia, Moreover, deviance provides employment for various individuals especially in the field of medicine, law enforcement, social workers, religious leaders, politicians and sociologists Wikipedia, Last but not least, deviance is extremely important in terms of adaptation Wikipedia, On the other hand, looking at it closely through conflict theory, we will see that: Sociologists who take on the power-conflict perspective suppose that structural-functionalists and symbolic interactionists do not effectively and sufficiently take into consideration the use, as well as, abuse of power within societies Worldbook, Most advocates of this school have the tendency to establish their justifications of crime from the division of classes and the unequal allotment and distribution of power among different groups within the context of the larger group of the society Worldbook, Explaining further, conflict theorists normally view deviance as a consequence of outcome of conflict between individuals and groups Wikipedia, These would then lead to coercion and disorder or that which is technically referred to as social inequality Kessel, n.

Correctional facilities and gangs essay

Explaining further, symbolic interactionism scrutinizes how individuals and groups work together Wikipedia, It looks deeper into the development of personal identity by intermingling with other individuals Wikipedia, Prison Gangs Prison Gangs According to (Wikipedia) a prison gang is a term used to identify any type of gang activity in prisons and correctional facilities.

Gangs pose a serious threat to the safe, secure, orderly and efficient management of the correctional systems (Grey, ).

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Gang activities have impacted individual correctional facilities on a local scale in that instead of prisoners getting rehabilitated they become more rooted in crime even more than they were before. Prison gangs are also an important link between drug-trafficking organizations (DTOs), street gangs and OMGs, often brokering the transfer of drugs from DTOs to gangs in many regions.

Prison gangs typically are more powerful within state correctional facilities rather than within the federal penal system. Sep 13,  · Correctional Romeeka Richardson CJA/ April 15, Earl Mc Dowell Correctional Facility Essay * I will be describing A description of jail’s place in corrections and its role throughout history * * A summary of the history of state and federal prisons, a comparison of the similarities and differences * * between security levels in .

The correctional system in our country contains many gangs within the walls and connected to our streets. These groups, known as Security Threat Groups, are usually operated by race, and are active in our Federal Bureau of Prisons and in at least 40 state correctional systems.

Prison Gangs Essay. Prison Gangs Prison Gangs According to (Wikipedia) a prison gang is a term used to identify any type of gang activity in prisons and correctional facilities.

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