Educating rita characters essay

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Educating rita characters essay

In this scene Rita has been to summer school and we notice changes in her character and her attitude.

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Rita is now much more educated as we can tell. I have chosen this scene because I feel it contains the most significant changes to both the characters in the play. It is also the turning point in the play. There are many differences in both Rita and Frank from the last scene, which was in Act 1 Scene 8.

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This scene is also very entertaining due to devices that Russell has used within it. Firstly I will be discussing the developments in Rita.

This is different from the last time we saw her, because then she was wearing old clothes. When it would be a dress that an educated women wears. This is what is suggested here. With Rita having new clothes, it lets us see that she has become more educated.

Rita has also developed a relationship with some of the other students.

Educating rita characters essay

She made more friends. It seems as if she is becoming more like a typical student as she has being doing things with them.

This suggests that she is different now. And is more like a proper student. Rita has developed a small cultural background or is trying to behave as if she has. This shows us that Rita is developing not only in her English literature study, but also in a cultural sense.

Earlier in the play, Rita would not have used this term. People like Frank who are a higher class use it. This is a development from before because earlier in the play, she was nervous around other people.

Rita has developed her knowledge of English literature. This not only shows a development in her knowledge, but a development with her ego. She thinks she is better than everyone else because she asked lots of questions.

The Rita we saw earlier would not have done this. She would not have boasted about it. An ego can also be seen near the end of the scene. This is shown when she thinks she is an authority on Blake. Suggesting that thinks she is clever than most and even as clever as Frank, as she knows what to be taught.

Rita has not developed the culture she thinks she has. This shows that she has developed a little culturally but not fully. This shows a development in Frank as he has changed his mind about his poetry. And is writing it, even though later in the play he says it is rubbish. Frank has also started to smoke again.

This is another development in his character. This shows the audience that something is different with Frank and suggests that it may not be the only different thing. From earlier in the play, we know that there this is probably alcohol in the mug.

Even though Frank is smoking now. He tries to hide this from Rita. Another development in Frank is he is becoming more down to earth like Rita was at the start of the play.The staging of Educating Rita, by Willy Russell underpins many of the issues Russell raises in the play such as, Rita's decision to change, the reflection of culture through verbal language and body language, together with how education enhances confidence.

Willy Russell’s Educating Rita is a play written in where class differences and personality issues are touched upon. The main character is a girl named Rita.

She is a hairdresser, a lower class girl tangled in attempts to change herself. Educating rita themes essay in wuthering; Play quotes in essays bach invencion 1 analysis essay connect four ai evaluation essay trust busting progressive movement essay gradienten berechnen beispiel essay an essay about civilazation essay on christmas in uk hr essay marko kloos essays on love essay on being poor in college.

My values in. Rita is doing an Open University degree on literature. She is doing this course as she likes reading, but she has never read any serious literature, only pulp fiction (such as Ruby Fruit Jungle).

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One might say that this is a hidden form of the practices of power that can be seen in the character of Rita. to take the first name of the writer Rita Mae Brown. Then. Educating Rita Essay - Last Bits. Uploaded by. 0ll Educating Rita. Uploaded by. Chris Teng.

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