Group assignment 1

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Group assignment 1

In this example, the tenant contains a security group called HR Department. This group includes all members of the human resources department around 1, users.

You want to assign Office Enterprise E3 licenses to the entire department. The Yammer Enterprise service that's included in the product must be temporarily disabled until the department is ready to start using it.

Group assignment 1

Note Some Microsoft services are not available in all locations. Before a license can be assigned to a user, the administrator has to specify the Usage location property on the user.

For group license assignment, any users without a usage location specified inherit the location of the directory.

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If you have users in multiple locations, we recommend that you always set usage location as part of your user creation flow in Azure AD e. Assign the required licenses Sign in to the Azure portal with an Administrator account.

To manage licenses, the account must be a global administrator role or user account administrator. Select All services in the left navigation pane, and then select Azure Active Directory. You can add this pane to Favorites or pin it to the portal dashboard.

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On the Azure Active Directory pane, select Licenses to open a pane where you can see and manage all licensable products in the tenant.

To start the assignment, select Assign at the top of the pane. On the Assign license pane, click Users and groups to open the Users and groups pane. Search for the group name HR Department, select the group, and then be sure to confirm by clicking Select at the bottom of the pane.

On the Assign license pane, click Assignment options optionalwhich displays all service plans included in the two products that we selected previously.

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Find Yammer Enterprise and turn it Off to disable that service from the product license. Confirm by clicking OK at the bottom of Assignment options.

To complete the assignment, on the Assign license pane, click Assign at the bottom of the pane. A notification is displayed in the upper-right corner that shows the status and outcome of the process.

If the assignment to the group couldn't be completed for example, because of pre-existing licenses in the groupclick the notification to view details of the failure.

We've now specified a license template for the HR Department group. A background process in Azure AD has been started to process all existing members of that group.

This initial operation might take some time, depending on the current size of the group. The next step describes how to verify that the process has finished and determine if further attention is required to resolve problems. Note You can start the same assignment from an alternative location: Users and groups in Azure AD.

Then find the group, select it, and go to the Licenses tab. The Assign button on top of the pane opens the license assignment pane. Then find the HR Department group that licenses were assigned to.

On the HR Department group pane, select Licenses. This lets you quickly confirm if licenses have been fully assigned to users and if there are any errors that you need to look into. The following information is available: List of product licenses that are currently assigned to the group.

Select an entry to show the specific services that have been enabled and to make changes. Status of the latest license changes that were made to the group if the changes are being processed or if processing has finished for all user members.

Information about users who are in an error state because licenses couldn't be assigned to them.

Group assignment 1

Note the following activities: Start applying group based license to users.WAMAP is a web based mathematics assessment and course management platform. Its use is provided free to Washington State public educational institution students and instructors. Assign licenses to users by group membership in Azure Active Directory.

06/05/; 5 minutes to read Contributors. In this article. This article walks you through assigning product licenses to a group of users in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and then verifying that they're licensed correctly.

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