How to adapt communication to meet for adults

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How to adapt communication to meet for adults

These means include the press, the cinema, radio and television. The constant improvement in the media puts them at the disposal of more and more people who in their daily lives make increasing use of them.

How to adapt communication to meet for adults

More than ever before, the way men live and think is profoundly affected by the means of communication. The Church sees these media as "gifts of God" 1 which, in accordance with His providential design, unite men in brotherhood and so help them to cooperate with His plan for their salvation.

A deeper and more penetrating understanding of social communication and of the contribution which the media it uses can make to modern society, can be derived from a number of documents issued by the Second Vatican Council. This Pastoral Instruction which is being published at the direction of the Second Vatican Council 8 sets out basic doctrinal principles and general pastoral guidelines.

It carefully refrains from going into minute details on a subject which is continually changing and developing and which varies so much according to time and place. It will therefore be the task of Bishops and their conferences and, equally, of the Synods of the Eastern Churches, to consult experts and their diocesan, national and international councils.

This should be done not only to implement this Instruction efficiently and in a spirit of collegiality, but also to discover the best way of explaining it and suiting it, as precisely as possible, to the needs of the people in their care.

And while they do this, they will keep in mind the unity of the Church. In this task Episcopal Conferences will lean upon the professional assistance which priests, religious and laity can offer. For a proper use of the media of social communication is the responsibility of the entire People of God.

This Instruction, it is hoped, How to adapt communication to meet for adults be well received by all those who are professionally involved in the field of communications and, indeed, by all who, from good will, seek the progress of mankind.

So, as a result of exchanges of views and cooperation with such men, the vast potential that lies in the means of social communication will be made good and this for the advancement of all.

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The channels of social communication, even though they are addressed to individuals, reach and affect the whole of society. That is why they are indispensable to the smooth functioning of modern society with its complex and ever changing needs, and the continual and often close consultations all this involves.

This exactly coincides with the Christian conception of how men should live together. These technical advances have the high purpose of bringing men into closer contact with one another.

By passing on knowledge of their common fears and hopes they help men to resolve them. A Christian estimate of the contribution that the media make to the well-being of mankind is rooted in this fundamental principle.

All over the world, men are at work on improving the conditions for human living and the latest scientific wonders and technical achievements play their part in this. The Christian vision of man, of his motives and of his history, sees in this development a response - though usually an unconscious one - to the divine command to "possess and master the world".

They help men share their knowledge and unify their creative work. Indeed, by creating man in His own image, God has given him a share in His creative power.

And so man is summoned to cooperate with his fellow man in building the earthly city. Social communications tend to multiply contacts within society and to deepen social consciousness.

As a result the individual is bound more closely to his fellow men and can play his part in the unfolding of history as if led by the hand of God. The media of social communication can contribute a great deal to human unity. Too often, we have to watch social communications used to contradict or corrupt the fundamental values of human life.

When, by his own fault, man turned away from his Creator, chaos succeeded crime and man became embroiled in discord and deadly fraternal strife. It was He who made the first move to make contact with mankind 16 at the start of the history of salvation.

In the fullness of time, he communicated His very self to man 17 and "the Word was made flesh ". And He did this more richly and lavishly than ever before. As the only mediator, between the Father and mankind He made peace between God and man and laid the foundations of unity among men themselves.

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He ordered His disciples, always and everywhere, 21 to spread the Good Tidings "in the light of day" and "from the roof tops". Through His "incarnation", He utterly identified Himself with those who were to receive His communication and He gave His message not only in words but in the whole manner of His life.

He spoke from within, that is to say, from out of the press of His people. He preached the Divine message without fear or compromise. And He spoke out of the predicament of their time. Communication is more than the expression of ideas and the indication of emotion.

At its most profound level it is the giving of self in love. Further, Christ communicated to us His life-giving Spirit, who brings all men together in unity. These means, in fact, serve to build new relationships and to fashion a new language which permits men to know themselves better and to understand one another more easily.4 Ways Institutions Can Adapt to Meet the Needs of Non-Traditional Learners Adult students require increased flexibility and targeted support from their institutions in order to thrive.

Adult students are increasing in numbers across American campuses. People who may be able to assist with communication include professional interpreters, case workers, or non-professional helpers or support people, for example, trusted friends of the client, family members or adults.

If you don't adapt the way you communicate to meet the needs of others, you are not communicating; you might as well be talking to yourself, and probably are.

How to adapt communication to meet for adults

When in placement it may be necessary to adapt the way in which we communicate with adults or children as they might have a few difficulties. 2: Understand how to meet the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of an individual.

Compare ways to establish the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of an individual: I would establish a service user’s communication and language needs by reading their care plan and medical notes.

Non-Verbal Communication. A large part of what we communicate to each other is nonverbal. What you say to people with your eyes or your body language is just as powerful as what you say with words. What makes some people better than others at communicating is their ability to adapt their style to suit the message, environment, and exchange.

Whilst individuals may favor a particular way of communicating, they can alter their behavior to other communication styles if necessary to suit a particular situation.

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