Legality of essay mills

There have been claims that they break the law, and are, hence, illegal. However, those fronting this idea fall short of proving the illegality of such services.

Legality of essay mills

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Further, the survey will gather data from students on their reasons for attending university. The project will provide an international consideration of the problem of contract cheating as well as comparisons between countries.

Various research has been undertaken to determine the reasons why students cheat, and the prevalence of the problem of contract cheating see Beasley, ; cheatingandassessment.

Legality of essay mills

These studies have presented an array of data on student motivations for contract cheating and how frequently they are doing it, as well as repeat behaviours.

However, these studies are focused in one country or university. The survey will be released across countries in the Americas, Europe and Australasia and therefore, will be the first study undertaken to compare student cheating behaviours across multiple countries, and continents.

There are different methods through which students can engage in contract cheating, due to the differing types of sites available to them for examples, see Tomar, This project will therefore ask students about their use of the different types of sites, and further, in relation to how they obtained work, whether it was free, in exchange for something, or for money.

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The researchers believe that this is an important distinction to understand the extent of the market and whether students are utilising some sites or methods more than others for example, perhaps they are actually obtaining work from other students more frequently than they visit essay mills.

The proposed project aims to combine two elements, one to consider students own study behaviours, reasons for being at university and why and when if applicable they have used essay mills, or obtained work from others.

This part will also ask students their opinions on the legality of such acts, and whether any legal action should be taken against students or companies. Therefore, the survey will seek to compare these two elements to determine if there is any disparity in relation to the two figures.

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Finally, the survey will ask students to present their opinions on what the outcomes for cheating in this way should be, and whether they think these actions should be illegal building upon findings of staff perceptions of essay mill legality by Awdry and Newton — forthcoming.

The project has ethical approval from the University of Canberra project number For futher information, please contact HumanEthicsCommittee canberra.Read this essay on Integrating Values - the Legality, Morality, and Social Responsibility of the George Brothers & the Largest Pill Mills in South Florida.

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Legality of essay mills

The project will survey students across Europe, Australasia and the Americas to investigate student self-reported use of essay mills and associated sites/companies. Essay mills are not illegal because writing essays is not illegal. From the prospective of the essay writer, they are producing a product.

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