Maintain ict equipment and systems

Back to top Case Studies ITM, a UK-based leading independent provider of specialist ICT infrastructure solutions and services, applies best of breed technology, in-house expertise and innovation to deliver standards compliant solutions and services to clients throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. After using the Versiv System for a few months it clearly offers several advantages when compared to the previous generation of test equipment.

Maintain ict equipment and systems

Maintain ict equipment and systems

Correct Option Feedback 9. Some of the Web 2. They can engage students as they reflect, share and demonstrate what they have learned or are learning. Some of the digital assessment alternatives are considered here. Online assessment is the process used to measure certain aspects of information for a set purpose where the assessment is delivered via a computer connected to a network.

Most often the assessment is some type of educational test. With the emergence of read write web and the development in software as a service SaaSit is possible to design and conduct online assessment with ease.

There are many online service providers both free and paid for designing and developing online tests and quizzes. Digital concept maps can be created by using offline tools like VUE, freemind or can be created using online tools like bubbl.

Concept maps can be used formatively to make student thinking visible. When students construct and submit their Maintain ict equipment and systems of key concepts and their linkages through a concept map, it becomes clear whether the students understand the conceptual framework around a topic of study.

Concept maps also provide immediate visual data to faculty on student misconceptions and their level of understanding Online Forum: Forum is an asynchronous communication tool. There are many standalone forum tools like vanilla or php bb. Forum or discussion board is also an integrated feature of all the learner management system.

This can be used in many ways as an assessment tool. Learners could be asked to brainstorm on a topic by posting their ideas in a forum.

There can be question answer forum where every learner needs to post their answer in order to see the other learners' response to the question. Teacher can create many topic specific discussion forums and this could be used to evaluate learners' level of understanding and misconceptions if any.

There are many online survey tools like survey monkey, poll daddy or lime survey. These tools can be used as an assessment tool and also to collect feedback from learners. In situations where you may have a bipolar set of opinions, it is helpful to surface that in a non-threatening way.

Anonymous online polls can be used to gather and demonstrate the two sides without revealing individual attitudes. A survey can be useful for measuring the entire class's grasp of course concepts, since survey answers are aggregated.

Because of their anonymous and aggregated nature, surveys may also be particularly handy for course evaluation. A wiki is a website that allows users to collaboratively edit and create content.

The most prominent example of a wiki is Wikipedia, a collaboratively created online encyclopedia. Wikis have become very popular environments for collaborative projects in formal education and training. The learners' contribution in wiki can be assessed by the teachers. This can also be a tool for self and peer assessment.

In general, the learning journal is a way of documenting learning and collecting information for self-analysis and reflection. Learning journals help students reflect on how they learn best.

Learning journals also help students reflect on their knowledge, skills and behaviours as they learn. Journals are used to: Open the following link and view the file on web 2. Reflect on the nature, types and importance of web 2.

View the following video and reflect on the use of web tools for assessment in your blog https: In this kind of reflection, students step back from the learning process to think about what they have learned, how they have learned and why they have learned.

Such awareness, evaluation and regulation will encourage students to become independent learners and can increase their motivation. Another way in which students internalize the characteristics of quality work is by evaluating the work of their peers.

Peer assessment requires students to provide either feedback or grades or both to their peers on a product or a performance, based on the criteria provided by the teachers or may developed by them with the support of the learners.

Mostly peer assessment is used for formative purposes to encourage students to help each other plan their learning, identify their strengths and weaknesses and in turn sharpen their meta-cognitive skills. ICT can support peer and self-assessment process.Disabling, altering bypassing or circumventing any measures put in place by the Research Council to maintain the safe and secure operation of ICT systems and services.

This includes non-cooperation with investigations or audits. This unit standard is intended for people who need a working understanding of the trends in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) either as a user of computers or as basic knowledge for a career needing this competency, like the ICT industry.

The ability to maintain ICT equipment and systems is a valuable skill in the IT support industry. This unit will enable candidates to identify and fix problems with ICT equipment. Candidates will develop theoretical and practical knowledge of identifying failures of ICT equipment, and applying corrective and preventative maintenance.

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4 Assignment A Level 3 Maintain ICT equipment and systems 3 (/) Task B – Diagnose a persistent fault on a system The network supplied has a . ICT-Maintenance is considered as the set of all actions which have as an objective to retain an ownership of the ICT systems (for budgeting / feasibility study purposes).

Contracting Maintenance contracts may be signed with the ICT providers who supplied the equipment/ICT. - ICTSAS - Maintain ICT equipment and consumables