Mr abubakr the great rawat

Unlike al-Baghdadi both of these men formerly held senior roles in the Iraqi military and are seasoned in battle. Abu Ali al-Anbari, who is charged with managing operations in the parts of Syria controlled by the Islamic State, was a major general in the Iraqi military under ousted dictator Saddam Hussein, Mr Hashimi said.

Mr abubakr the great rawat

October 21, 2: Wikimedia Commons Early in the 19th century, the British were enjoying significant power in the India subcontinent, working with and often against the scattered royal kingdoms that ruled over patches of land, small and large. They had grown from just traders at the ports of southern India to a military power with influence all the way up to the plains fed by the great Ganges.

But Tibet, located beyond the towering Himalayas, was still a mystic land for them. The work of these explorers brought us many discoveries, and Google has fittingly paid a tribute to the Nain Singh on his th birth anniversary. Now in Uttarakhand, Johar Valley was once a major trade route to Tibet.

The British had overthrown the Gorkhas but remained friendly towards the Bhotia clan of explorers. Nain Singh and his brothers had grown up learning the Tibetan language and culture, and men in the upper villages of Johar Valley would often leave for the markets of Western Tibet during the winter months.

The British realized that the Rawats were their ticket to learning and mapping mysterious Tibet. Nain Singh was recruited as a spy explorer, traveling the mountains as a monk and gathering cartographic details.

His work would prove invaluable and iconic. This would be his last and greatest journey.

Mr abubakr the great rawat

He had trained himself to walk in consistent strides of a particular length for measuring distance, and he would hide his data and small, simple instruments within prayer wheels. The objective was to survey a route all the way from Leh in Ladakh to Lhasa.

Back inNain Singh did travel nearly 2, km from Kathmandu to Lhasa, moving on to Mansarovar Lake before heading back to India.

Mr abubakr the great rawat

But he had never taken such a northerly path back then. He was then to try join a caravan that goes from Lhasa to Peking once every three years, or else head down to India through an unexplored route, following the course of Tsangpo or through the kingdom of Bhutan.

Winter in Pangong Lake in Leh, Ladakh Frontier officials would have already been on the lookout for Pundit Nain Singh, who had by then already conducted two clandestine explorations and had been to Leh several times.

He would cross the border in a complicated scheme involving sheep, the Wazir of Ladakh and the triennial Ladakh Lopchak mission to Lhasa.


Although the crossing itself was anticlimactic with a small hut and one guard at the frontier. The journey would take Nain Singh through the lacustrine plains of Tibet with its salt lakes. He would join a group of Khampas, accomplished sportsmen and horsemen, and head to the gold mines of Thok Daurakpa.

He continued across the grassy plains of Changtang, eventually reaching Tengri Nor after mapping a chain of lakes never seen before. When he finally reached Lhasa, unfortunately, Nain Singh bumped into a merchant from Leh who knew him. Fearing betrayal, he sent two of his men back to Leh with details of his route survey and astronomical observations.

With no chance to recuperate and leaving much of his luggage behind, he went south, opting for the quickest and shortest route back home.Nov 15,  · Al-habib AboBakr apk, update on About beloved Abu Bakr famous Percentage: Is the preacher of Allah, the mark of educator and thinker, Mr.

Abu Bakr al-Adani, the famous son of Ali. And who might be that authority, God’s representative on Earth?

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Mr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. — Tom Rogan is a blogger and a columnist for the Daily Telegraph. Jul 09,  · Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, one of the world's most wanted jihadists, is aided by a "cabinet" of deputies, who manage both the Islamic State's military operations and its new, self declared, caliphate.

Prem Pal Singh Rawat (Hindi: प्रेम पाल सिंह रावत), born 10 December , is an Indian American also known as Maharaji, and formerly as Guru Maharaj Ji and Balyogeshwar. Rawat's teachings include a meditation practice he calls "Knowledge", and peace education based on the discovery of personal resources such as inner strength, choice, appreciation and 10 December (age 60), Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India.

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