Ortac underwriting agency guernsey


Ortac underwriting agency guernsey

Whether regarded as wholly achievable, challengingly ambitious or mere pie in the sky, the key role that long-term energy security will play in the success or otherwise of the plan is self-evident. David Byers has recently arrived in the island and taken up residence in St Martins with his partner, who is a newly appointed consultant child psychiatrist.

David is not someone likely to put his feet up and take it easy and is keen to get involved with island life using his extensive expertise and knowledge base on infrastructure, particularly relating to energy a sector in which he has worked for many years.

However, David is fully aware of his status as a newbie. I have just got off the boat and I realise that I have a lot to learn about the island, and how ortac underwriting agency guernsey works.

I have absolutely no intention of trying to tell Guernsey what to do but if my background can be of any use then I would be pleased to help Guernsey is now home. David has spent his first few months reading and we are not talking about Ian Rankins latest Rebus case but the not insignificant number of documents relating to our local infrastructure produced by States departments, business associations, consultants and pressure groups.

I need something to occupy my time otherwise I will get horribly bored. So I have been doing quite a bit of local research. My office is awash with reports, working papers and strategy documents that I have gradually been wading through For any jurisdiction such as Guernsey, which promotes its products and services to a global market place, energy security has to be high ortac underwriting agency guernsey the list of must-haves.

Connectivity is the hearts blood of any island community, but for one such as ours, which punches well above its weight on the international financial services stage, utility outages become even more problematic. There is certainly no shortage of cogent reports transport strategy, housing policy, renewable energy strategy, financial transformation programme arguably too many as its quite difficult to work out how decisions are actually made.

Davids experience and expertise in the infrastructure arena is unquestionable. His CV would be the envy of many and in parts could form the basis of a potential film script his travels and work having taken him into some pretty difficult regions ex-soviet, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, India and even into war zones.

Having held senior and board positions in every aspect of global energy including oil and gas, international electricity and nuclear safety, his credentials speak for themselves. With an MA in theoretical physics from Cambridge plus a PMD from Harvard Business School, David came up through the state education system on Tyneside where the economy relied on shipbuilding and heavy industry.

His energy career began within the nuclear industry before he moved to oil and gas and then the National Grid as international business development manager a role which he describes as being paid to travel around the world spending someone elses money.

In this post David was responsible for negotiating joint ventures and strategic alliances around the globe and for negotiating multilateral finance initiatives for global infrastructure, energy and telecommunications investments. The organisation wanted to break into Europe and gain control of the energy pinch points.

David spent much time in Slovakia and the Ukraine where, at the time, negotiating with governments and dealing with the local mafia were one and the same. I was responsible for the companys operational management and development in the region.

The role included extensive involvement with eastern European energy politics and infrastructure. An interesting time to say the least. You could say that Perestroika and Glasnost changed my life. It opened up access to areas that had previously been financed by the Soviet Union and which were suddenly seeking strategic partners in the energy sector.

Politics was part of my everyday work.

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More recently David took himself out of the corporate world seeking some well-deserved peace and quiet in one of his favourite corners of the world southern France.

But his skills and expertise were soon called upon and he undertook consultancy work becoming strategic and economic advisor to British and Turkish oil and gas companies active in Kurdistani Iraq as well as advisor to the Iraqi President and Kurdistan Prime Minister at the time.

This began in just post invasion. Travel to Kurdistan involved a hour desert crossing under heavily armed escort something David euphemistically describes as colourful experiences. Dealing with Guernsey politics would surely be a doddle in comparison. As far as Guernseys infrastructure is concerned, despite only having been in the island a matter of months there are aspects which to David stuck out like sore thumbs from day one.

Guernseys energy sources are insecure and in need of some significant additional investment. Reliance on old diesels and a single nuclear connection is not sustainable in the long term. Fukushima may seem a long way from Guernsey, but the consequence for the island is that France has a new market to feed called non-nuclear Germany.

Renewable energy sources are an option to supplement supply. I had done my dirty energy time. When the REA was established we had 14 members; there are now just under 1,Boardwalk REIT Announces Second Quarter Financial Results; FFO Per Unit down % and DI Per Unit down % YOY; and Confirms Monthly Per Unit Distribution for August, September.

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ortac underwriting agency guernsey

Admiral also retains a proportion (presently 25%, net of quota share reinsurance) of the private motor underwriting for its own account. Arc Minerals Limited (formerly Ortac Resources Limited, formerly.

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