Population size 200 300 words

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Population size 200 300 words

There are not enough resources to support the world's population First published: Tuesday 10 June We have Population size 200 300 words a stage where the amount of resources needed to sustain our population exceeds what is available, argues Professor John Guillebaud from University College London.

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Many years ago, as a second year medical student, I attended a lecture on human population by my tutor at Cambridge, Colin Bertram. If we allow unremitting population growth to continue we humans cannot escape the same fate; however cleverly we might adapt to all the different environments on earth, we only have one finite planet to live on and 70 per cent of it is salt water, and half of the remainder is desert, mountain, icecap or fast-disappearing forest.

I felt some guilt that doctors had inadvertently caused the population problem through vastly better death control while birth rates remained high. I decided that, as an about-to-be doctor, I should try to restore balance, and what more appropriate medical specialty could there be than family planning?

So I arranged higher training in gynaecology specialising in hormonal and intrauterine contraception and also in surgery hence my career total of vasectomies and ongoing research into a new male pill. Will the imbalance be corrected by literally billions of deaths or by fewer births?

John Guillebaud None of us in those days was worried specifically about climate change. Even so, that is far from being the only life-threatening global problem.

Population size 200 300 words

Reliable reports on the planet's health such as The United Nations' Global Environment Outlook have found water, land, plants, animals and fish stocks are all 'in inexorable decline'. Already by it was calculated that 97 per cent of all vertebrate flesh on land was human flesh plus that of our food animals cows, pigs, sheep etcleaving just three per cent for all wild vertebrate species on land.

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Not to mention the obliteration of wild life in the oceans through acidification, pollution and massive over-fishing. The bad news is that despite this, the 58 highest fertility countries are projected to triple their numbers by In a majority of all countries there is also persistent population momentum created by 'bulges' of young people born in high fertility years.

Therefore, the UN warns bluntly that world population, now well over seven billion 'has reached a stage where the amount of resources needed to sustain it exceeds what is available'.

The annual population increase of over 80 million equates to a city for 1. This is not exactly a bundle of laughs, yet it is solidly evidence-based, as any impartial scientific observer will attest.

What are the prospects of finding another planet for humans to plunder by ? How strange, given the evidence, that population growth and contraception remain largely taboo. Those who consume way beyond their share, the rich over-consumers in every country, must certainly massively reduce their environmental footprints, but the 'number of feet' is also relevant.

Often statements like this are assumed to refer to the poor, but our organisation, Population Matters, stresses that affluent parents must also seriously consider having one less child than they may have planned. The guideline is just two for replacement. Apocalyptic concerns over world population not new All this is hardly rocket science: Surely, continuing business as usual involves far more unrealistically optimistic assumptions than the precautionary approach.

The precautionary approach requires proper resourcing of voluntary family planning services, which still receive a derisory less than one per cent of world aid for reproductive health, and the removal through education and the media of the many barriers that continue to stop millions of women from having the choice to access methods of contraception.

This is not an alternative to the other crucial precautionary measure: Both are vital; they are two sides of the same coin.

When the camel collapses with a broken back, the last straw did not really do it. It was the fault of all the straws. To achieve environmental sustainability, everyone must be involved. When a field of common land is right at the point of being over-grazed, Garret Hardin called it 'the tragedy of the commons'.

This is because each herdsman continues to find it advantageous, personally and for his family, to put yet one more cow on the land, and another and another—even if the later new arrivals are thinner and less productive than before—right up to the point that the grazing limit is finally exceeded and all the cows die and all the families suffer.In demographics, the world population is the total number of humans currently living, and was estimated to have reached billion people as of November It took over , years of human history for the world's population to reach 1 billion; and only years more to reach 7 billion..

World population has experienced continuous growth since the end of the Great Famine of – The world's population is now well over seven billion and growing.

We have reached a stage where the amount of resources needed to sustain our population exceeds what is available, argues. Human Population Growth. By the year , there were around 10 times more people on Earth than there were just years ago in WORLD POPULATION.

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