Starting a buko shake business plan

The main ingredients of the smoothie are coconut meat, coconut juice and sugar.

Starting a buko shake business plan

You make juice, and you sell it. Well, there are some things you need to figure out before everything can be open and operating. Know your local health laws concerning raw juice. The laws concerning raw juice vary greatly by region.

For example, in the US, the FDA states that raw juice can be sold directly to consumers via retail or delivery, but not wholesale to third parties that are going to resell it. If you want to sell wholesale, you need to process the juice by either heat pasteurization or HPP. You can, however, make the juice in a central location and sell it through multiple store locations if your company owns both the production facility and the stores.

This is still considered direct to consumer. Japan has the strictest laws I have seen.

starting a buko shake business plan

Compare this to countries like Australia and China where there is virtually no regulation on raw juice, and companies are free to wholesale as they wish. I expect some of the regions with the more relaxed laws will begin to shift towards stricter regulations in the near future as raw juice becomes more popular.

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The easiest and best way to learn about health regulations is to contact your local health department. There are 4 basic business models in a juice business: Delivery only, brick and mortar, wholesale, and combination. Each business model has its pros and cons.

Decide which type of business you want to run, and get together the funding you need. Start with delivery or a brick and mortar retail store, but aim for eventually combining them and offering the consumer several options for buying your product.

Get the right equipment. Set yourself up for success. It may be tempting to save money and buy cheap equipment, but you will lose out on labor costs and wasted produce, costing you more money in the end. Your juice equipment may be the most important investment you will make. Not sure where to start?

Download our kitchen layout infographic with equipment list. Figure out what type of bottles you want to use.

Decide if you want to go with glass or plasticand find a supplier. If you live outside of the US, you should look for a local supplier since shipping bottles overseas can end up being very costly.

For smaller quantities, online suppliers like Sticker Mule make it quick and easy to get your labels fast.

starting a buko shake business plan

Before you design, or have your labels designed, make sure to get the necessary label requirements from your local health department. You can order nutrition label services here.ZAGU was pioneered by a young enterprising lady with a degree in Food Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

To this date, Zagu has blended millions of pearl shakes, a pretty good number for something that was widely predicted as a passing fad.

This is a list of available Shake Franchise Packages in the Philippines. Most shake food cart franchises offer a variety of shake flavors. Most are fruit shakes using fruits such as mangoes, bananas, oranges, strawberries to name a few. * Business partner with food service experience * Contractor with Tenant Improvement experience for food establishments in that city that you plan to open up in * Business plan to present to landlord.

Buko Factory - The Newest Buko Food Cart Franchise Business in the Philippines! Buko shakes are now a trend here in the Philippines. Because of the heat of the climate, Filipinos are starting to patronize ways to cool down and drinking a nice, refreshing beverage is the most common.

This plan will include important details about your business such as the name of your business, your goals and objectives, required startup and running costs, market analysis and competition, marketing strategy, unique selling points, and so on. A business plan is a document that defines how a business is going to achieve its goal. You can start a food cart business with the capital of Php30, to Php,; Buko Nut Buko Shake. Sep 30,  · Buko Express franchise fee is about thousand pesos it is a popular buko shake franchise with impressive tools and cart and pioneer on buko shake business but it is expensive enough for small entrepreneurs.

When you are in Robinsons Place Iloilo you will never fail to see people sipping a milky white shake from a plastic bottle. And you will never fail to see people crowding around a kiosk at . Aug 08,  · Put a business plan together that includes both your expected costs and your projected income.

Look into the costs of real estate for your juice bar. You can either rent or buy real estate, depending on your financial situation. – Business Plan Templates