The second candle poem summary by nissie ezekiel

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The second candle poem summary by nissie ezekiel

Nissim Ezekiel Night of the Scorpion: India, a land of great poets, often ignores its mainstream poets and the regional poet, Bijay Kant Dubey is such a name.

Dear readers, Literarism is happy to have an association with a writer like that of Dubey. Kindly show your love and attraction to the Poet Dubey. Nissim Ezekiel Article Written by Bijay Kant Dubey, a famous regional poet The poet remembers the night when his mother was bitten by a scorpion as for the steady rain of ten hours would have driven it to crawl beneath a knapsack of rice to do this daredevilry and cause of unnecessary woe and affliction.

Parting the poison-flash of his diabolic tail in the dark room, it risked the rain again and fled from. Thereafter the tragedy, incident, happening, the peasants started coming in flocks to see his mother struck down in affliction.

Buzzing the names of gods a hundred times came they to see her wishing early recovery and relief from suffering.

With the candles and oil lamps burning dimly and flickering abnormally, casting shadows over the mud-baked walls, came they foreboding good words of benediction and bliss. They searched for the evil one, the devilish and demoniac creature, but found it not hiding in around, gone after the satanic inject of pain.

With the names of the gods on the tongue, they searched in vain for the monster, the evil one, we mean the scorpion which bit the mother of the poet.

The second candle poem summary by nissie ezekiel

They said it that the scorpion be there where it lay resting. The movement of it might have the impact on the blood of the mother if the dragon moved it further. They wished let it be so, as had been ordained otherwise. Again, they added the sins of her previous be diminished as per Hindu view of life.

It happened as it had been in her fate and it had to happen. None could check it. This is but fate, lot, luck or destiny. Let it be balanced.

It had been raining endlessly and the people had been all around the place with the mother lying at the centre whereas the discussions continuing with regard to the karmic effect, bhoga, papa-punya and pryaschita repentance.

Nissim as an alien insider was partaking all that just as a silent listener, not participating in that, just watching it all happening around. They had been talking and he had been hearing the talks.

Proposition and disposition went on following one by one. He saw then agreeing, questioning and coming to a conclusion. This body of flesh and blood needs to be purified, our evils to be purged out.

Our karma and dharma need to be balanced. What we do we are accountable for, whether we accept it or not. Sin and virtue need to be balanced. A penance is a must for that; a repentance for it.

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Let her suffering decrease. Let the poison purify this body of flesh and desire. There had been more and more men, more and more candles burning, more and more insects flying around.

Sitting around the mother, they went on taking the names of gods, praying to in utter submission, wishing benediction for her. The mother had been in pain twisting and twisting the body, groaning with miserably.

His father a sceptic and rationalist he had his own to try to as poured a little paraffin oil on the bitten toe and lit it with a match and thereafter the flames feeding on and he saw it as being a spectator of all that events. Again to his curiosity, he saw the holy man performing the rites, the exorcist trying to tame the poison, the herbalist applying the herbal paste on the bitten toe.

But after the expiry of the twenty hours, the sting lost its power and she returned to normalcy. But when she came to her senses, she thanked God for choosing her, not her children and even sparing them.

Night of the Scorpion is not a poem, but a drama piece and it can be dramatized as such is the spectacle, an ordinary Indian scene turned into a poetic presentation so simply, so beautifully.

Night of the Snake not, but Night of the Scorpion is the title. Had the former been, it would have been horrible and terrible, but Night of the Scorpion is lighter. The scorpion, steady rain, diabolic tail, crawl beneath a sack of rice, dark room, giant shadows, mud-baked walls, sins of previous birth, misfortunes of next birth, sum of all evil, etc.

The poem is a narrative no doubt, a dramatic spectacle, tamasha, a philosophical discourse on Indian karma and dharma, papa and punya contradicted with the rationalism and science background of his father. I remember the night my mother was stung by a scorpion.Nissim Ezekiel’s Latter-Day Psalms: His Religious and Philosophical Speculations By Dr.

Pallavi Srivastava The depiction of Indian experience by Indian poets writing in English must not be confused with. Nissim Ezekiel (–) was born in Mumbai. He is today perhaps the best known Indian poet to have written in English. He had his education at Wilson College, Bombay and later at Birbeck College - London.

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A professor of American Literature at Bombay University, Ezekiel has written several poems and some plays. Dec 15,  · ‘The Second Candle’ - Nissim Ezekiel’s hand-written version, shared by his daughter Kavita on social media. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Mendonca Alan Kavita)Author: Indira Basu.

Download this file. lines ( with data), kB. The poem is extracted from Nissim Ezekiel’s forth volume of poems that appeared in under the name The Exact Name.

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