The suspense of an hour

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The suspense of an hour

There is no need to remove the hand assembly if you are simply reattaching the glass and you can proceed to later steps. However, if you are replacing the glass or switching to transparent plastic, the hand assembly must be removed.

The cone nut can be unscrewed and then the minute hand can then be taken off. Following that, you can remove the convex tension washer, flat washer and fiber washer.

The parts are shown from left to right in the order of removal. This comprises all of the parts located on the front of the glass. The hour hand assembly, including one fiber washer, can then be removed from the back of the glass. Dial Ring Removal I have found that removing the dial ring first makes is easier to replace the glass than with the base still attached.

This is what the inside of the clock looks like when you remove the two screws holding the plastic bottom cover in place. The motor in this clock has been replaced recently. Two white wire nuts can be seen that make the connection between the brown line cord wires and the black motor wires.

Here are the two screws that hold the dial ring in place. When these are removed, the ring assembly is then free from the base. The original Jefferson service drawing shows a screw driver being used to force the retainer ring towards the center of the gold dial ring.

The suspense of an hour

I think it is safer to remove the retainer ring but in a different way. These instructions are what I have used to replace the glass.

Lift the gold retaining ring with a small screw driver blade. There is a notch deliberately placed in the retaining ring so it can be lifted and rotated. In the picture, the notch in the ring has been lifted beyond the boss in the gold dial ring. The retaining ring can then be rotated to the next boss at the right and the ring can be lifted above this boss as well.

At this point, the ring will come free from the two remaining bosses. Gear Ring Subassembly with Glass The glass disc may not be firmly glued to the gear ring everywhere and you may be able to push the glass free from the remaining areas.

Otherwise, a knife blade can be inserted and the glass can be carefully pried away using a very small amount of pressure to avoid breaking the glass. Of course, if the glass is already broken, just be careful when removing the remaining pieces.

Leaf springs When the gear ring subassembly is removed, you will see three small rectangular springs located in three depressions around the dial ring. Note that the springs are mounted with the center bowed up and away from the dial ring. You may also find that there is an accumulation of dirt on the ring as well as the springs after years of operation.

Of course, all of this should be cleaned up before reassembly. Gear Ring with Old Adhesive The old cement should be cleaned from the inside of the gear ring before cementing the new disc in place.

I have used acetone to soak on for a few minutes. Then the glue can be scraped off reasonably well followed by some Q-tips and acetone. If you are only reattaching the original glass, be sure to clean the glue from the glass as well. Attaching the Disc A new glass disc can be cemented with various adhesives such as household cement.

However, if a plastic disc is used in place of glass, a neutral adhesive such as silicone RTV sealant can be used that will not affect the Lucite.

The RTV can be applied to the inside of the gear ring as shown in the gray area in the drawing at the left. A little can be applied by the finger and then run the finger around the ring to form this cross section. This will almost eliminate any adhesive from squeezing out when the new disc is applied.

I have put the gear ring on some small blocks to keep it away from the surface under it. To ensure that the disc is firmly against the ring, I have put a weight near the center of the disc until the adhesive dries.You may choose from "The Story of an Hour" After Twenty Years The Secret Life of Walter Mitty The Lottery In each story in this unit, the author uses suspense to keep the reader interested in the plot.1/5(1).

What is the best crazy, mystery, suspense thriller TV series?

The Story of an Hour Plot Analysis

Update Cancel. ad by NetSuite. As of now it has 3 season with 3 episodes in each which are about 1 and a half hour long. It's a Must Watch. Read more: Sherlock Mystery, Suspense & Thriller: Watch the second last episode of Season 1 called Baelor and Red Wedding episode also.

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Paget Brewster & Paul F. Tompkins, Photographed by Matt Harbicht.

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The official Youtube channel of Radio Mirchi FM, Kolkata. The Suspense of an Hour Essay Sample One of the most admirable aspects of Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” is the way that she is able to capture so much suspense in such a short story.

Throughout the story the narrator offers a window into Mrs. Mallard’s true feelings about her husband’s death. The suspense in the picture is satisfactory; until the final scenes, we're entirely uncertain of the outcome.

This film lacks the degree of psychological depth present in a few other nail-biters Category: Action & Adventure, Classics, Drama, Horror, Mystery & Suspense.

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