Victoiran era essay

The literature of the period rose ideas never heard before. Also, the reform and industrial revolution changed the way that people thought. Several scientific discoveries also made Victorians question their own beliefs. The intriguing Victorian period had a different taste of literature and also went through a reform of classes and several technological advances to make it an extremely unique period in time.

Victoiran era essay

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Your answer should illustrate various issues women faced during the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era was a difficult time for women just like previous years, however with the new rule of Queen Victoria things started to change for the better.

Victoria herself believed in furthering or gaining an education for women and even understood the hardships for them that came with marriage. Despite believing in these she did have mixed emotions about the gaining equality of women, she still did not think they should have any political matter.

These beliefs of Queen Victoria were shared with the majority of the writers of this time including John Mill, Elizabeth Browning, Christina Rossetti, and many more.

Feminists of this time were fighting for the rights of women to gain an education, choice and freedom in marriage, and to suppress the standards that society held on women. Education was very limited for women of this time period; however opportunities were slowly popping up.

With universities opening and the encouragement of the Queen and other activists to gain a higher education; the idea was gaining ground for many women. In this poem, Aurora is put through many studies by her aunt and it was very important that she has a wide range of subjects taught to her. Without the education Aurora received she would have never fell in love with the idea and writing of poetry.

She tries to find herself and her calling in life with the poetry she loves and expressing herself. This idea of fulfillment through poetry gives readers the reaction that education can bring a higher meaning to life and the fact that the protagonist was a woman shows woman can achieve this as well.

With this she goes on to find her fulfillment in life with her poetry and would have probably never achieved this without the education set up for her by her aunt. Another big point that was haunting women of this time was marriage.


Married women had no freedom and were sometimes forced into a marriage depending on if it would benefit the family she belonged to or not.

It was about gaining social status and basically left at that. Marriage also imposed many misogynistic ideas of what women can and cannot do within in a marriage, which leads into the objectification of women.

Victorian Era Essay Essay

At the time men could divorce for adultery, but women could only divorce under certain circumstances of adultery. Married women could also not own or handle their own property, so with the limitations and the treatment of married women it is understandable why so many feminists called against it regardless of what they would be thought of or labeled if they never marry.

Christina herself never married and that idea is reflected in this poem. By the words used and the almost exhausted manner while reading this poem may have the reader thinking she has been asked by this man more than once for her hand in marriage.

During this time to many acting feminist marriage did not sound very enthusing and Rossetti captures this in her poem.Read Victorian Era Essay free essay and over 88, other research documents. Victorian Era Essay. Poole Sidney Poole LIT Kay Berg 20 March Education, Marriage, and Societal Standards Cite examples from several Victorian /5(1).

Victorian Critical Theory Critical Essays.

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Homework Help. Introduction (Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism) Matthew Arnold, perhaps the most influential critic of the Victorian era, saw. Victorian Era Essay Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the Victorian Context Traditional social structure • Different social classes can be (and were by the classes themselves) distinguished by inequalities in such areas as power, authority, wealth, working and living conditions, life .

Victorian Era 8 Pages Words. It was also a time of exploration and invention. With their pioneer spirit wild frontier towns were born across the world. and with their flare and ingenuity the Victorians took with them their values and elegance.

the term Victorian, which literally describes things and events in the reign of Queen Victoria. Free Essay: In the Victorian era poets are inspired to debate among each other in the heat of enlightenment.

Victoiran era essay

The literature of Romanticism versus the. Victoiran era essay. December 16, Victoiran era essay. 4 stars based on reviews Essay. Fast food is good for healthy essay sexism in movies essayLemon brown story essay on dred the personal is political essay the iliad hector essay writer.

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